Executive Coaching Clients

David Charnin

David Charnin

Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at SVPGlobal

 January 15, 2020, David was a client of Daron’s

When I was looking to take my managerial skills to the next level three years ago, I called Daron. From our very first meeting, Daron proved he understood my business and could actively listen to my team's interpersonal dynamics. He then framed complex issues in straightforward terms, and proposed concrete team-building actions. Along the way, Daron's questions allowed me to bring my professional "why" into focus, which in turn permitted me space to feel comfortable in crucial conversations with my reports and colleagues. The bottom line: hidden interpersonal opportunities became visible, and I was able to refine the vision of my legal and compliance team and live into the leader I aspire to be. If you are looking to take your professional performance to the next level, I could not more strongly recommend Daron to you.

Mike Shullman

       Partner at Russell Speeders Car Wash

       December 5, 2017, mike was a client of Daron’s

I have been in my own business for 30 years. Daron has been my coach and mentor for 2.5 years. He has transformed my life and would not be where I am in my business or personal life without his coaching. I am no longer stressed out with my life. Hands down the best investment in time that I have ever made. Daron easily sees what I have a hard time seeing on my own. Don't wait, contact him today. 


Neyah Kane Bennett

Neyah Kane Bennett

             Partner at Aeton Law Partners LLP

             July 30, 2019, Neyah Kane was a client of Daron’s

Daron is an exceptional professional and personal coach. He helped me confront and overcome critical roadblocks in my business development. In our very first meeting, he pulled out of me a key issue that was holding me back. I had never realized it before and he got right into it. We set about working on the issue, and several other kick starters. Fast forward and after my first year, I was able to exceed the personal and business goals we set, and identify new challenges along the way. I should also say that when you work with Daron, it becomes very clear that coaching is not a just a job for him and its not just about your business metrics. He really cares about you as a person. I highly recommend Daron. 

Nadim Malik

Nadim Malik

             Founder & CEO at SPS

             March 15, 2017, Nadim was a client of Daron’s

Daron's business acumen and desire to help others achieve their potential and lead a fulfilling life have been instrumental. Since collaborating with Daron, I have not only grown and improved our company, I've also made great progress in my personal life. I am fortunate to have Daron in my life, and would recommend him to anyone looking to take their personal and professional development to the next level, from someone who has walked the walk. 


Dara Rosenbaum

Partner at Taylor & Rosenbaum - Attorneys

May 5, 2020, Dara was a client of Daron’s

Daron is an insightful, genuine, dedicated coach and mentor. He has a calm, reassuring demeanor and is sincerely interested in my personal and professional development and success. He seems to have an innate ability to ask the questions that help me find my own answers. I would unequivocally recommend Daron to anyone looking for the tools to grow into who they want to be, both personally and professionally.

Brad Selmon

Brad Selmon

             President at M.A. Selmon Co., Inc

             July 31, 2019, Brad was a client of Daron’s

Daron has coached me and our Company for 3 years. He brings a fresh outside perspective to the business and the interpersonal relations of the people within it. He helped establish goals for our management team and held us accountable to both Business, Professional and Personal metrics. Our company has grown over 40% this year alone and I attribute a lot of that growth to the self confidence Daron has given me and our team. 

Joseph Neu

Founder and CEO, NeuGroup

 November 19, 2017, Joseph was a client of Daron’s

Daron is a dedicated coach that goes all in for his clients. He comes across as genuine and makes you believe that he really cares about your success—and he does. By openly sharing his own faults and insecurities, he also demonstrates that you don’t have to be perfect to find success in your professional or personal life. I especially recommend Daron for anyone who seeks to tap into their why and empower themselves with it. 

John Bemis

John Bemis 

Partner - Director, IT Services - Benchmark IT, LLC jbemis@bmarkits.com, 203-304-5500

July 30, 2019, John was a client of Daron’s

Daron has been a terrific business coach to me and has also mentored several members of my team. He's adept at facilitating groups and is very effective 1-on-1 as well. He has helped me question my assumptions, and helped me look at problems through a different lens. And, he's helped refer business to me and also just made useful introductions through his extensive network. And to top it off, he's one of the friendliest and most sympathetic guys I know, a pleasure to spend time with

Ted Dumbauld

COO, Curio Wellness; Former CEO Curaleaf
July 30, 2019, Ted was a client of Daron’s

I have know Daron for over 10 years as a friend, mentor and colleague. He is in a class by himself when it comes to kindness, compassion and wisdom. I'm am very lucky to know him and and thankful for all that he has done for me and my family. Go Bison!

D. Scott Karnedy

D. Scott Karnedy

Vice President - Strategic Accounts / Partnerships at ecoATM Gazelle

November 24, 2017, D. Scott worked with Daron but at different companies

Daron is a friend, an outstanding mentor, with a warm but disciplined approach to coaching. He has played a significant role in both my professional growth as a CEO and entrepreneur, as well as helping me through challenging times personally. He is fearless when it comes to using his own personal challenges to help people and executives and leads by example. It's a testament to Daron that he has coached both my son in football and me in my professional life. We are both indebted to him for his support, friendship, and intelligent approach to issues.

Ashley Krauss

Ashley Krauss

Owner at A Little Something White Bridal Couture

April 5, 2017, Ashley was a client of Daron’s

Working with Daron as my executive coach has had a significant impact on my business and has positively influenced me in my role as the leader of a quickly growing small business. Daron is the ideal combination of a good listener and incredibly insightful. He seems to know the perfect questions to ask to tease out of me what issue I might be grappling with at a given time. He listens in a non-judgmental way and assists me in coming up with actionable solutions. He holds me accountable to the solutions we come up with during our meetings, reaching out to me periodically to request status updates. Additionally, Daron has a significant amount of experience starting, growing, and running a successful business, which means I trust him when he offers me advice for my own business. Lastly, Daron is kind, friendly, someone you want to be around and I sincerely look forward to our coaching sessions. In our Vistage group, Daron is an effective leader. I am always impressed that in a room full of CEOs and business owners from such diverse backgrounds that we consistently accomplish what we set out to do! In his role as leader of our group, he does an excellent job of being assertive when necessary to make sure we accomplish our goals for the day and being flexible enough to allow everyone to bring their issues and challenges to the table. Daron is well-respected by everyone in our group. You can tell he truly cares about each member based on the way he learns and internalizes pertinent information about our diverse businesses and the kindness he shows to each of us in helping present our issues and challenges

Stephen Candland

Stephen Candland

Partner at Private Staff Group

March 16, 2017, Daron worked with Stephen in the same group

Daron is an astute advisor and highly effective in suggesting ideas and options for maximizing performance of my business. He questions and probes to help develop the best plan forward.

Life Coaching Clients

  • Teddy Dumbauld

    Teddy Dumbauld

    Business Development Representative at Impact

    February 25, 2020, Teddy was a client of Daron’s

    I had the opportunity to meet Coach Shep my freshman year of high school. From that moment on it was clear that he was someone on a mission to have a positive impact on as many people as possible. He started out as just my coach but quickly became much more. Leader, mentor, advisor, and friend. Coach Shep proves that with grit and passion you can achieve your goals. Coach Shep celebrates your strengths, helps work on your weaknesses and cares about making you better. With his guidance, I learned how to embrace adversity, and overcome my weaknesses. I am never surprised when I hear another story of Coach Shep's positive impact. Anyone who has the privilege of working within Coach Shep will immediately be humbled, should absorb as much as possible, and be grateful for the opportunity.  
  • Brenden Gobell

    Brenden Gobell

    Director, Client Strategy & Data Insights at SPS

    October 23, 2019, Brenden was a client of Daron’s

    Daron listens and cares with a depth and consistency that is exceptionally rare. His counsel is invaluable, but more importantly it's coupled with the tools required to develop disciplined use of those same insights over many years.
  • Brian Gerardi

    Brian Gerardi

    Company Commander at US Army

    August 8, 2019, Brian was a client of Daron’s

    Daron helped me uncover strengths in myself over a decade ago that I still rely on to this day. He provides volume to the voice inside me and allows me to ask myself the right questions to keep moving forward. A more dedicated coach does not exist and Daron celebrates his clients successes like his own while finding a way to lift you higher than you thought possible. 

  • Michael Root

    Michael Root

    Associate Portfolio Manager at Pinnacle Associates Ltd

    July 31, 2019, Michael was a client of Daron’s

    Daron has been a terrific friend and mentor to me since I first met him in high school nearly nine years ago. He’s a well-respected person who has achieved a multitude of success throughout his life, but what has always stood out to me the most about Daron is his genuine regard for others. He’s highly driven to bring out the best in those around him and is effective in doing so. His humility and willingness to share challenges he’s faced makes him easy to relate to and talk with. Throughout the years, Daron has had a tremendous impact on my life. He’s given me great advise throughout the many conversations we’ve had and consistently challenges me to be my best. Through his insight on facing life’s obstacles, I’ve gained new perspectives that have without a doubt left me better off than I would have otherwise been without his help. He’s an extraordinarily authentic person and it has truly been a pleasure getting to know him over the years. 
  • Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith

    Senior at The University of Denver majoring in Economics

    July 30, 2019, Kyle was a client of Daron’s

    From the day I met Daron, back in high school, under his leadership on the gridiron, he has had nothing but a positive impact on my life. Every conversation we have ever had, whether it be about becoming a better athlete, or how to further my professional career, Daron always put the focus and his utmost dedication towards me and my needs. The one thing that will stick with me the most as I further my career is something that Daron instilled in me at a young age: nothing is ever handed to you. As I have grown up and requested his guidance on my path to a full time job, this idea has held true. While I ask for his assistance frequently on this journey, he never hands me the answers to anything, rather guides me in the right direction and I believe this is one of the most valuable skills I have attained through, Daron. As a result of his "Go get what you want" and "Fight through adversity" attitudes he has helped me begin my professional career in ways I didn't know were possible, and not once has he asked for anything in return. These mindsets have rubbed off on me and will stick with me forever. With this being said, the amount of people I have seen Daron help, is a testament to how much he values being happy and passionate in whatever life you choose to live, and I think that is evident in the career path he has chosen. 

  • Jack Gilio

    Jack Gilio

    Intern at HubHu

    November 15, 2017, Jack was a client of Daron’s

    Serendipity: the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for Throughout the seven years that I've known Daron, we've engaged in countless conversations that span every communication medium you could imagine-- and I don't think I ever once asked him how he was doing. From the get-go, Daron always steered the conversation towards me, and I could always sense how excited he was to do so. His vibrant, inspiring, and family-like demeanor galvanizes me to engage in authentic and meaningful communication. But what continually amazes me is Daron’s intuition. For example, in one instance out of the blue, Daron sent me a text that answered my burning question—before I even knew what my question was. He said: “Adversity is typically caused by issues we did not want to happen or plan for. But our POWER to control what we get or what will happen (while significantly impacted by our will, preparation, ability, and effort) is an illusion. We are powerless to control all factors, the only thing in life we really have control over is our attitude- how we mentally and emotionally respond to life's events! So YEAH, while we are can't control WHAT will be, we can control HOW we be.” Daron is an agent of serendipity. His willpower is contagious. He opens your life and helps you see and become the best version of yourself. He opens your life and allows you to discover your magnificent unknown. 
  • Zachary Renner

    Zachary Renner

    I help results-driven men & women transform mental and physical stress so it works for them not against them

    November 14, 2017, Zachary was a client of Daron’s

    It is rare that you come across someone as invested in the success of others as Daron. I have known Daron for over a decade and I have had the pleasure of having him as my mentor for nearly 7 years now. We worked together on the first STEP-UP website and for the past 2 years have worked together on the company we co-found, huBhu. I have always been in awe of Daron’s ability to recognize people’s personal needs, no matter the context, and speak to those needs while helping the other person understand them as well. Daron has helped me overcome many personal and professional challenges throughout the time I have known him and anyone would be lucky to know him, let alone have him as a coach/mentor. 
  • Cameron Armstrong

    Cameron Armstrong

    Director, Business and Product Development at NetVirta, Inc.

    June 27, 2017, Daron was senior to Cameron but didn’t manage directly

    Sheps has been a guiding figure in my life since the days I played football under his leadership in high school. The beauty in having gotten to know him in that environment is that I had the opportunity to witness two sides of him. The compassionate, hands-on mentor side; as well as the gritty, "Let me show you how it's done" side in which he'd participate in full-contact tackling drills (without pads on) simply to prove a point and/or inspire the team. His 'never give up' attitude on the football field is a testament to the success he's enjoyed in his personal and professional life. Like many others, Sheps has coached me through countless challenges inherent to developing from an adolescent to a young man. His approach is candid and constructive. I am grateful for his ongoing commitment to my development and recommend his mentorship to anyone. 
  • Bryan Whiting

    Bryan Whiting 

    Data Scientist, Engineering at Google

    April 6, 2017, Bryan was a client of Daron’s

    Daron has mentored me for the last 10 years, and his advice, counsel, and friendship have grown more important as the years pass. Daron is someone who cares deeply about my personal interests and in truly helping me become a better person. He thrives in seeing others succeed, which is one of the more noble attributes someone can have. I look forward to seeking Daron's advice and mentorship for years to come. 

Michael Collins

Student, UPenn March 25, 2017 Michael was a client of Daron's Daron Shepard, or Coach Shepard as I know him, has been nothing but a positive, encouraging, and genuine mentor, coach, and friend since the moment I met him. He will challenge you to be your very best in everything you do, and give you the guidance you need to get to there. His caring personality, positivity, inspiration are unmatched and will help you to smash your goals and become a better person overall. I cannot say thank you enough to Coach Shepard for everything that he has taught me and done for me.


  • Alexander Dobbin

    Alexander Dobbin

    Designer at SHoP Architects

    March 21, 2017, Daron worked with Alexander in the same group

    Growing up abroad, I met Coach Sheps when I arrived in America as a 10th grader. I had never seen a US high school, let alone a football game. I ended up achieving All-State honors on the field and High Honors academically, and went on to play college football. Simply put, Sheps nurtured and challenged me on the field like no other coach or teacher in any classroom had done before. During several moments of frustration and exhaustion over the years, Sheps was not only there, but always knew how to connect with me emotionally in order to push my psyche to a point where moving forward and succeeding became a natural and logical progression. But more importantly, Sheps has been my key “go-to" mentor and advisor off the field. During the past few years (post-football), I have had a lot of good fortune, but also some (self-inflicted) misfortune. Throughout it all, Sheps not only showed me unconditional love, but he always pushed me to do what was ultimately best for me—he has the remarkably rare skill of helping people “turning lemons into lemonade,” time and time again. He never disappoints. Now, as I have grown, I utilize his broad knowledge and vast contact network regularly. I have created multiple ongoing successful business projects as a result of my relationship with Sheps. I can't imagine my life without Sheps and I can't imagine a better mentor in school, in business, and in life.
  • Alex LaPolice

    Alex LaPolice

    Investment Associate at Summit Partners

    March 18, 2017, Alex was a client of Daron’s

    I have known Daron since I was Freshman at New Canaan High School. Throughout my years at New Canaan, Daron always served as a mentor to me and more importantly a person I could rely on to help me with whatever issues I was having. Daron has always offered me meaningful advice and served as a voice of reason as I faced important decisions throughout my life whether they were social, academic, or career oriented. As I embarked on my college journey, Daron has continued to help me with new challenges I face. Most recently, I have begun the internship process and Daron has helped me expand my network, outline a step-by-step plan to reach my goals, and ultimately hold me accountable for achieving each landmark. Daron has been an impactful figure in my life and I will continue to lean on him as I grow older.