Anthony Scire

Life Coach

 My path has been unconventional to say the least. Through it all, my curiosity has always guided me to explore how I could expand myself.  Exercise has been a common thread throughout my life that lead me to my career as a trainer and most recently, life coaching.  I started doing more self-discovery work, combining a mind-body approach and realized many of my struggles were inside of me. In my process, training my body and having a disciplined mind I have found takes great courage, humility, awareness, insight and wisdom.  I feel it is the most important work we can do as humans; “Having the Courage to Risk becoming oneself” I have felt a strong calling to working with people and I have seen a need for compassionate coaching that can truly make a difference in a person’s life.  I have been in the service industry as a personal trainer for over twenty years working with all types of people from special needs, elderly, high-achieving business men and women, stay at home moms, collegiate athletes, high school athletes, middle school athletes to kindergarteners.  I have so much to be grateful for.  I have a beautiful supportive wife and we have a daughter named Gia!  She is our miracle child.  They give me inspiration every day to be courageous, that no matter where I am in my life, it’s never too late to learn something new or recreate the life I want to live.

Career Experience


20 plus years as a personal trainer
Youth mentor for Human Services Counsel, Norwalk, CT. (2019-2020)
Zoom Mentoring a Young Adult: (3 plus years)
60 plus hours of coaching and practice coaching
Mankind Project Active Member (2020 to present)

Areas of Expertise

Life Coaching and Mentoring:
Adolescent Coaching and Mentoring
Emotional Health Coaching and Mentoring
Family and Parenting Coaching
Life Coaching and Mentoring
Positive Intelligence Coaching
Sports Performance Coaching and Mentoring
Wellness Coaching



San Diego State University (Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice)
New Warrior Training Adventure Initiated (March 3rd-5th, 2023)
Certified Life Coach through The Coach Training Alliance (2020)
CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association)
FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Certified
LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development Coach)
Physical Literacy advocate and educator
 mPEAK: High Performance Mindfulness training (UC San Diego, 2020)
On-going PhD in Life


$200.00 Per Session

Personalized Coaching/Training Packages can be created in order to meet the needs of each individual:

  • What’s the most supportive for you or your teen? Coaching? or Coaching & Training?
  • How I work: Typically, I work in 3, 6, or 12-month bocks. 
  • Why? Change takes time, it’s a process and I have experienced this personally with coaching
  • Typical Coaching Program Format: 1st month meet every week (To gain Momentum) Then meet every other week thereafter. (This can be modified as well to meet the individual needs of the client)