Become the version of yourself you aspire to be.

Our life coaching service is highly personalized and geared specifically towards your needs and aspirations. Your coach will work with you to gain clarity around what really drives you as well as what stops you from taking action. You will work with your coach to assess where you are now and specifically define the results you are committed to achieving and your purpose for doing so. 

Life coaching of all types

If you want to focus on a specific area in your life, see the categories of coaching offered below. Our Life Coaches have a minimum of six years’ of business, coaching or teaching experience. Our Mentors are former students, athletes or coaching clients who have benefited from coaching in the respective areas listed below and can share the personal experiences, the processes (tools, techniques and mindset) that navigated them though the challenges they faced and now want to pay it forward.

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Whether you are currently a student, recent graduate, looking for a change in your career or ready to reenter the job market, our career coaches and mentors can help you to develop a clear sense of direction and purpose, define your career goals and develop a plan to achieve them. 

Emotional health coaching and mentoring can provide
individuals with the tools and support for reframing how they perceive and adapt to the struggles and stresses of being human.

Family and parenting coaching is a valuable resource for families who are looking for support and guidance in navigating the challenges of raising children. Whether you are a new parent trying to adjust to the demands of caring for a baby, or a seasoned parent dealing with the challenges of raising teens, a family and parenting coach can provide the tools and support you need to build a strong, healthy, and happy family.

Relationship and mentoring coaching empower individuals, couples, family members and friends to build stronger, more fulfilling connections. Whether you’re looking to improve your romantic relationships, strengthen your bonds with friends and family, or develop more authentic connections with people, a relationship coach or mentor can provide valuable guidance and support.

Positive Intelligence coaching is a mental fitness program developed by Shirzad Chamine that helps individuals achieve their full potential by harnessing the power of their own minds. This program is designed to help individuals overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, and to tap into their own inner strengths and resources.


Sports performance coaching and mentoring focuses on helping individuals and athletes of all ages and skill levels, from amateur to professional achieve their full potential by improving both physical and mental abilities and shifting mental mindsets.

Adolescent coaching and mentoring provides a valuable resource for helping young people navigate the challenges and opportunities of their teenage years. 

Our wellness coaches help individuals achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. We take a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of a person’s well-being, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, and personal development.

Become the version of yourself you aspire to be.

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