Resilience, Empathy, and Authenticity for Developing Youth

READY is a peer support team consisting of students and recent graduates from high schools and colleges across the country who participate in a virtual six week foundational program in which they experience a supportive environment to discuss limiting beliefs, fears, emotional triggers and behaviors that may undermine their self-acceptance, self-worth, ability to be authentic, empathetic and becoming the version of themselves they desire to be.
Members participate in the foundational program as often as desired to continue to process opportunities, challenges and problems they face as well as can become Ambassadors and Facilitators of this foundational program and other services and programs offered.

Our Foundational Beliefs:

  • That strength lies not in the nobility to endure hardship alone, but the courage to embrace our adversity together. 
  • That if pain is one of the more difficult emotions we endure, then discovering what overcomes pain is one of the most powerful emotions we can to learn to embrace.
  • That while many believe it is for the strong to help the weak, embracing the weakness in each other is exactly what makes us strong.

• By seeking the best in one another, they can discover the best in themselves.
• By avoiding the trap of becoming who others want us to be and instead striving to become who we believe we are meant to be, we’ll discover the path to lasting fulfillment and peace.
• Through self-acceptance we are able to learn that we are “enough” just by being ourselves.

• Through the experience of our own struggles we create understanding and compassion for others

• That people who are hurting often hurt others, but healed people have the power to heal others
• That no amount of pain cannot be overcome by a single ounce of love, caring and faith.
• That those who model the courage to move forward in the face of adversity have an opportunity to inspire hope in others and begin a ripple effect that knows no end.
• That those with a ‘why’ can overcome almost any ‘how’.

This is READY! The collaborative exploration of Resilience, Empathy and Authenticity for Developing Youth

Created in collaboration between practitioners, high-achieving students and student-athletes, the READY program provides high school, college and post college students with a safe environment where they can support each other on a journey of self-discovery, building courage, perseverance, and a sense of purpose in each other’s mutual betterment that they can adapt and pay forward into their future.​

READY Membership

Pricing & What's included:
$ 300
  • Unlimited Participation in the virtual, six week foundational programs as often as desired
  • Free training to become a paid Ambassador at your high school, university or organization
  • Free training to become a paid Facilitator in Training or Lead Facilitator in READY programs
  • Free training to become a STEP UP mentor
  • Discounts on all STEP UP programs and services