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Resilience, Empathy, and Authenticity for Developing Youth

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Leadership and Development

for Teens and Young Adults

Created in collaboration between practitioners, high-achieving students and student-athletes, the READY program provides high school, college and post college students with a safe environment where they can support each other on a journey of self-discovery, building courage, perseverance, and a sense of purpose in each other’s mutual betterment that they can adapt and pay forward into their future.​

What issue does READY combat?

Growing up in Isolation

The cultural phenomenon of self-doubt, isolation, anxiety, and lack of meaning felt by so many of today’s young people. At READY, we believe the pursuit of meaning lies not in the capacity to suffer through challenges alone, but to embrace and learn from adversity together.

Purpose lies not in the capacity to endure suffering alone…
but the courage to embrace adversity together.

By seeking the best in others, we discover the best in ourselves.

How does READY do this?

Growth in Collaboration

By actively seeking to cultivate the best in others, we discover the best version of ourselves. New READY members will be welcomed into a 4-week Onboarding Introductory Program where they explore key program concepts with other participants. They will also be trained to guide others in their journey towards growth and development . Following this 4-week Onboarding Introductory program, new READY members can join the larger community of all READY members for recurring sessions on a weekly-basis. These meetings will provide a consistent support network for ongoing growth and accountability.

Why join READY?

Explore a New Way to Lead and Develop

In READY, participants will learn the personal and social skills necessary to both thrive and survive as a young adult in today’s world: Resilience, Empathy, and Authenticity. They will seek the courage, perseverance, and sense of meaning in one another that they can each adapt and pay forward into all their future endeavors. Through this practice, we hope to all become not only better listeners, communicators, and emotional thinkers, but sons and daughters, friends and teammates, and leaders. This is how our culture moves from one of social isolation to collaborative development. This is READY.

Featured Testimonials

"I only wish I had this program when I was a teenager, to process my feelings in a loving, productive way."
"After 6 weeks you will leave with a new group of trusted confidants to face life's unique challenges."
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"This is the most important program any school or university could have for the well-being of our youth."
"READY has completely changed my life for the better. I have already seen so much growth in myself."
"READY demonstrated that no one is ever alone and a lot of us are fighting the same battles, just at different stages."

New Members: Intro Program

1 Meeting per Week for 4 Consecutive Weeks

Week 1: Beliefs, Fears, and Triggers of Stress

Week 2: Empathy in Issue Processing

Week 3: Building a Vision

Week 4: Action and Appreciation

Recurring Sessions

‘Campfires,’ ongoing Peer-To-Peer Mentorship, available to all members, every week

Accountability in the Pursuit of Growth

Support in Reframing Beliefs

Connection through Common Experiences

Purpose in Meaningful Relationships

This is READY! The collaborative exploration of Resilience, Empathy and Authenticity for Developing Youth

READY Membership

Entry Pricing & What's included:
$ 300
  • Unlimited Participation in the virtual, four week foundational programs as often as desired
  • Free training to become a paid Ambassador at your high school, university or organization
  • Free training to become a paid Facilitator in Training or Lead Facilitator in READY programs
  • Free training to become a STEP UP mentor
  • Discounts on all STEP UP programs and services

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