Harry Appelt

Life Coach

Harry is a compassionate and personable mentor/coach who is driven to help his clients find deep
clarity, direction, and peace in an age of ever-increasing chaos, distraction, and obscurity. With the
social nuances of a technologically advanced world, it has become seemingly impossible for individuals
of all ages to free themselves from the chains of self-doubt, fear of failure, and comparison with others.
More than ever, people find themselves lost as they attach their personal identities to the finite goods
that the world promises will bring joy, such as success, wealth, power, and fame. Understanding this
common struggle to feel wholly fulfilled, Harry strives to help his clients discover a ubiquitous sense of
purpose that is not only applicable in the inevitable challenges of career or personal life but that
provides rich meaning to the heart and mind.

Hailing from New Canaan, Connecticut, where he was the CT Scholar-Athlete of the Year, Harry has
strong leadership experience in diverse environments. As a student-athlete at Williams College, he aims
to build community amongst his lacrosse teammates and peers. Having valuable years as a volunteer
for Harlem Lacrosse, a non-profit that enriches the lives of underprivileged youth, he has seen firsthand
the power of being a part of something greater than oneself. In the Office of Wellness and Resiliency at
the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC, Harry currently supports mental health efforts among patients
and employees. Curious to hear people’s stories and eager to serve, Harry is thrilled to facilitate
unconditional and life-giving meaning in the lives of his clients.

Areas of Expertise


Life Coaching and Mentoring

Adolescent Coaching and Mentoring

Career Coaching and Mentoring

Emotional Health Coaching and Mentoring

Life Coaching and Mentoring

Relationship Coaching and Mentoring

Sports Performance Coaching and Mentoring

Wellness Coaching


At Williams College, a private liberal arts institution ranked #1 in the nation by both Forbes Magazine and the U.S. News and World Report, Harry is a candidate for a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with a coursework specialization in interdisciplinary Pre-Medical studies, including Biochemistry, Physics,
Neuroscience, Epidemiology, and Statistics.


$120 hourly rate, Package of 5 sessions: $650
Package of 10 sessions: $1,200