Jed Mellick

Life Coach

While working in the film industry in LA, Jed developed a passion for living a holistically healthier lifestyle that he hadn’t previously discovered in his life. The personal transformation he went through gave him a newfound desire to coach individuals on their health journey. As a coach, Jed facilitates a transformation in people who feel stuck and want to change their habits so they can become the person they want to be.

With Jed, you get someone who has been in your shoes and desired change even before knowing exactly what that change would look like. He works with you to find your motivation and the reasons behind your motivation for change. From there, everything he does is personalized to fit your needs and desires. And from this empathetic, creative working dynamic – you will transform your habits and yourself into the person you know you are and live the healthier lifestyle you crave. 

Jed’s goal as your Health Coach is to bring intentional, enjoyable new choices to your eating, movement, and mindful well-being. The program is tailored to connect to your motivations and helps establish new routines where you will implement new habits to achieve sustainable, long-lasting change.  

Jed brings a positive, humorous energy to his coaching style. His process includes education, awareness, and guidance in addition to motivation, accountability and keeping you in momentum toward your healthy lifestyle. His coaching is meant to put you on a path that will last the rest of your life. 


Areas of Expertise

Life Coaching and Mentoring

Wellness Coaching 


BS in Communication Studies from Northwestern University

MA in Mental Health Counseling from Yeshiva University

Adults and Seniors Health Coaching Certification from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute


“At first, I was very hesitant to take a deep dive into my daily food intake and overall physical and mental habits. However, when Jed met me with humor, a huge dose of empathy and patience, I was able to approach my relationship with myself in a more loving and holistic way. He has taught me that one percent better decisions and taking a closer look at what I’m putting into my body every day can hugely impact my physical and mental health. I will be forever grateful for all the priceless morsels of knowledge in my daily life.”

— Margaret H.

“As a mother with two young children, Jed provided me with tools and an overall plan that fit my health goals into my ever-changing schedule. Not only did I learn better eating and exercise techniques tailored to my specific needs but his wit and laughter was a refreshing benefit. His one step, one decision-at-a-time approach empowered me to continue successfully on my health journey since working together. ”

— Lisa H.

“I worked with Jed over many months to help re-emphasize my commitment to my health and wellbeing. He helped me realize it wasn’t about just losing weight but being the best version of myself as possible. Jed understands the journey and challenges because he’s traveled it too. It’s a partnership.”

— Victoria B.

“With Jed you get more than knowledge and framework, you get an astute and caring person, one who has walked in your shoes, who can imagine the roadmap to your goals and vision, and who will walk with you towards the future you are creating. ”

— Bryan M.


$450 for Individual Session

$350 – $450 per Session, dependent on package selected