Kelvin Riddle

BUsiness Coach, Life Coach

Kelvin Riddle offers a range of coaching services tailored to the specific needs and goals of individuals and organizations seeking to overcome their challenges and achieve their objectives.

As an organizational coach, Kelvin specializes in helping businesses navigate complex organizational dynamics, such as communication breakdowns, team conflicts, and other organizational challenges. He provides the tools and strategies needed to help organizations overcome these obstacles and achieve their goals.

As a leadership coach, Kelvin focuses on developing the skills and strategies needed to become effective leaders. He provides guidance and support to seasoned executives and new managers, helping them lead with confidence and achieve their goals.
In logistics coaching, Kelvin provides support to individuals and organizations seeking to optimize their operations and improve their supply chain management. He helps them streamline their operations and achieve greater success in the area of fleet management.

Finally, as a life coach, Kelvin specializes in helping individuals achieve personal growth and development. He provides the tools and strategies needed to overcome personal challenges such as anxiety or self-doubt and achieve greater clarity and purpose in life.
Overall, Kelvin Riddle’s coaching services are designed to help individuals and organizations overcome their most pressing challenges. With a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and a passion for helping others, Kelvin is committed to helping his clients achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.

Areas of Expertise

Business and Executive
Career Coaching (Military)
Conflict Management
Executive Coaching
Strategic Planning Coaching

Life Coaching & Mentoring
Adolescent Coaching
Career coaching
Emotional Health
Life Coaching
Family & Parenting


Kelvin has a bachelor’s degree in education from Valdosta State University, a master’s degree in social & organizational psychology from Columbia University and is a current doctoral student in social & organizational psychology at Vanderbilt University.


Business & Exec Coaching Rates:
$300 per hour for single session, Package of 10 Sessions $2,850, Package of 24 Sessions: $6,840