Mike Collins

Life Coach

Mike is a software sales professional in the NYC Metro area and former Division 1 college Quarterback at TCU & Rice. Mike walked onto the TCU team and eventually earned a scholarship, starting role and was elected to the team’s leadership council and a captain before continuing his football career at Rice. Mike’s journey, marked by challenges, triumphs, and a commitment to personal development helped him to see personal success and to develop his own resilience, discipline and mindset.

As a mentor and coach, Mike leverages the diverse experiences gained on and off the field to guide his clients. He aims to help individuals towards recognizing their full potential and achieving holistic well-being. He understands the commitment required to pursuing and achieving lofty goals while balancing a healthy lifestyle and is committed to helping his clients do so.

Areas of Expertise

Life Coaching and Mentoring:

Life Coaching and Mentoring

Adolescent Coaching and Mentoring

Emotional Health Coaching and Mentoring

Life Coaching and Mentoring

Sports Performance Coaching and Mentoring

Wellness Coaching 


TCU – Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Real Estate

Rice – Master’s Degree in Global Affairs


$120-160 per Session, dependent on package selected