Mike Donnelly

Life Coach

Mike is a professional firefighter in Central CT and former division 1 football player. Mike started as a preferred walk-on player for Lafayette and finished his senior year as a scholarship player and one of 4 team co-captains. Mike has been a firefighter for 4 years in an aggressive and busy department that has exposed him to all different kinds of life experiences as well as people.

Mike understands the difficulties and challenges that arise when breaking into new and competitive spaces. Both the professional fire service and collegiate athletic worlds are highly desired and sought after areas for many young aspiring athletes and professionals. Mike knows that working through challenges pushing yourself can lead to exciting new areas.

Mike knows that athletic, professional, and personal successes do not always come easy or quickly and enjoys the process of obtaining those goals. He knows it takes work on many fronts and isn’t afraid to work hard at all of them.

Areas of Expertise

Life Coaching and Mentoring
Adolescent Coaching and Mentoring
Career Coaching and Mentoring (Emergency Services)
Emotional Health Coaching and Mentoring
Family and Parenting Coaching (New Parents)
Life Coaching and Mentoring
Sports Performance Coaching and Mentoring


Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Lafayette College, as well as numerous fire service and medical certifications from various accredited agencies.


$160 per session
Package Rates:
$700 for 5 sessions
$1300 for 10 sessions