Nichole Rotte

BUsiness Coach, Life Coach

Nichole is a leadership and organizational advisor and coach with a passion for positive psychology and growth-minded culture. She has spent ten years in a professional military career as an Army Engineer officer, serving as a platoon leader, executive officer, and company commander. She currently serves as a commander, coach, and mentor for cadets at the United States Military Academy, responsible for character and leadership development of future officers.She has been married to her husband R.T. for ten years. They have two sons, Andy and James. She loves crafting and volunteering with the local Cub Scouts, and enjoys going to sporting events with her husband.

Areas of Expertise

Business and Executive Coaching: 
Business Coaching
Conflict Management Coaching
Culture Coaching
Productivity Coaching

Life Coaching and Mentoring:
Adolescent Coaching and Mentoring
Career Coaching and Mentoring
Emotional Health Coaching and Mentoring
Family and Parenting Coaching
Life Coaching and Mentoring
Positive Intelligence Coaching
Relationship Coaching and Mentoring
Sports Performance Coaching and Mentoring
Wellness Coaching


Graduated from West Point with a BS in Psychology in 2012 and Columbia with a Masters in Social-Organizational Psychology in 2021.



$200-$400 per Session, dependent on package selected


$200-$400 per Session, dependent on package selected