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Data analytics and visualization: Conclusions and actionable insights from data.

Data engineering: Data collection, data manipulation, data mining, data storage, compute infrastructure.

Dashboard design and KPI selection: Track metrics.

Experimentation: Iterative software development and roll-out, customer surveys.

Machine learning/AI: Recommending systems, product personalization, prediction, forecasting, decision automation, lifetime valuation (LTV), text mining and churn/retention/default/risk modeling.

Software development: Python, R, SQL, GitHub, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services

Statistics: Causality analysis, hypothesis testing, scientific method, experimentation.

Website/blog design: Simple websites for blogging, sharing information, or communicating with customers.

Are you struggling to effectively analyze and interpret data to make informed decisions in your work or business?

Do you find it challenging to align your data analytics efforts with your organization’s goals and strategies?

Are you looking to enhance your management skills and become a more effective leader in leveraging data and analytics?

Are you facing difficulties in managing and utilizing data to drive performance and improve decision-making within your team or organization?

Are you interested in optimizing your data management processes and practices to increase efficiency and productivity?

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